she told me i was sitting
there like a gargoyle
i thought she said
dog’s tail
obviously my fine tuned hearing aide
still needed tweeking
i wondered how a gargoyle feels
sitting through several centuries

yeaterday was our
wedding anniversary
we used our present to Greens
and went there for dinner
the final winner’s choice
narrowed down to the
large ronund
i couldn’t stop thinking
about them.
long after we left the restaurant
i smelled their single scent.
they gave us two for our breakfast,
i felt like a kid,
waiting for christmas.

we’ve been married for 33 years,
how could this be,
she’s so beautiful
and i sand away at my sarcasm
making it smoother
so slippy one can’t get off,
so slideful one can’t
get on or stay on.
i can’t imagine having
anyone listen to my bullshit
for so long,
and yet we thrive
we shout at each other,
we whisper when we
lose our voices
and yet somehow we continue
being us.
isn’t it wonderful
if only we could hold on forever,
playing scrabble
watching old movies,
asking for so little
and receiving so much