even before he was born
shadows were too dark,
evil was already planted
deep in the earth.
it wasn’t long before he recognized
the sound of a lie.
he tested his skill on his father,
he observed his growing, truthless mind,
would spit out a preposterous fabrication.
his father would stop and smile,
and then a longer falsehood
would sputter out of his mouth into the air.
he was congratulated in the midst of lies,
soon he became the best liar
in his family
in his household,
in his neighborhood,
in his city,
in his country
in the w o r l d.
he would crunch back on his haunches
and spring forth without warning,
spring forth with another distortion.
everyone laughed
they rewarded his unique talent,
they invited him to dinner, gave him money
began to ask his advice.
he became the golden christ of money
the green mold of deceit.
a few people knew
that his heart was filled with cold blood.
some people suspected
that his soul was empty, full of styrofoam.
most people began to realize that his brain cavity
was an empty echo, a chant that mesmerized
and hypnotized large crowds of people