butterfly flutter
          flutter butterfly

   butter flutter
          flutter       fly
   butter flutter       fly
                  butterfly flutter
flutter flutter   
fly      butter         flutter
fly      butter
         butterbutter   flutter
sumer is icumen in
         icumen in butter
         icumen in butterflies
in the almost-empty house
a    beautiful      woman
sits   and    plays     her childhood piano
which resonates throughout house hollowness
tears stream down her face
tears                 fall   upon her fingers
as  she plays the music from her
                              early lessons
the house smiles back with its enormous memory

the house in its almost emptiness
                   holds a beautiful woman
sits and plays      her   adolescent  piano
     everything she plays is family history
ghosts in the dining room panels
spirits on the outside walls
             battles with ancient blackberries
 a transparent grandfather clock joins the harmonies

the almost emptiness of the house
           cradles a beautiful woman
          playing her adult piano
each chord opens a different box
childhood drawings   ballet pictures
each melody emits a new memory vapor
favorite dolls    beloved plastic horses
        tools touched by ancestral hands

in the empty house the beautiful woman
         plays an invisible piano
she begins to sing
 her voice caresses the house remembrance
  her voice travels through the neighborhood
   her voice sings goodbye
    her voice sings hello
        wraps around family hearts
          awakens sleeping spirits
she blends with the voice of god
                      in the empty house
the beautiful woman is silent
            in the peaceful arms of love
it's peculiar how quickly gone
                  becomes gone

it starts as a very faint idea
                             and then
     almost instantly
            i   t  becomes a glowing reality

someone or something is quickly wrapped in goneness
                     and whisked away with no recourse

gone is still present but
     as a fading candle
hot, dripping wax of remembrance and recognition
     drops down the cylinder
                      until there is only a dying wick
                      and   then     no           wick

all gone and
                       until we can't remember
                               what   we  forgot
Grizzly Winds are constantly inconstant
        will take your ashes when you are ready
             will steal your ashes when you're not watching
                                              Grizzly Winds
   a day of so many joys, happiness of multiple colors
                            time filled with laughter
            tears of joy and remembrance
            the radiant bride and groom
            pledged vows with words and sighs
            resounding throughout the ceremony
expectations of all that is good
weaving through food and drink feasting
music rang around toasts and cheers
                  poured onto the dance floor
                  engulfed the newlyweds
                  moved with vaporous grace
                  floated they knownothow
       stars were harvested into the celebrating room
sun hid behind the glowing cake
planets hovered nearby
      swaying     singing
there could be no sorrow on such an evening
                         no sorrow even in the heavy hand
                         on the groom's shoulder as
                  they stepped into a shadow.
                 "her ashes are here
                  we want to spread them in a high place"
even this request couldn't dim his love of everything
                                        and  everyone
                  "we'll do it tomorrow
                   just before twilight
                   i know a high place she will cherish."

late the next afternoon, a family caravan moved toward Grizzly Peak
a high point of contrasting, contrary winds
which blew into your face from one direction
                                  tangled your feet in another mode
a half circle formed with the hands of Mary and Teri, Walt, Melsi, 
Ty and Sadie, Dave, Melsina,  Daniel, Christie, Randy, Kristin, 
Johnny and Karin                           completed the full circle.
love and acceptance mix with the ashes as they move from hand to hand
singing one of her favorite songs
                                hearing the tune and words
                                echo in her spirit voice
Grizzly Wind blew it all together like a mini, tender tornado
                                                      for one moment
 then lifted all away on a laughing invisible updraft 

Grizzly Winds are constantly inconstant
        will take your ashes when you are ready
             will steal your ashes when you're not watching
                                              Grizzly Winds

(for Dolly/Loretta/Lodzia)

if you walk softly
   you will be unnoticed
     unless all around
are soft walkers

         when you speak quietly
can be said
because the roar is deafening

                    moving very slowly
                    can be interpreted as
                    standing still, statuesque
you can be anywhere

closing your eyes and listening
                       is   introspective
as you scan centuries 
there is more flexibility
      in       reflections

than  in concrete      objects

large, looming barn-red houses
          with      peeling

fit neatly upon
     car's back window,
           can    be  stretched
     with the slightest movement.

 an entire row of houses
dangles precariously
 in     a   truck's passing glass panels.

the mind wonders
if       bodies
    are               is the
mirror images         earth              are our
    of what?         an imitation        dreams memories
                               of?                 of


My newest love named Mary Cancer
Came and took my most away
She left enough so I could tell her,
Mary come another day
Go to killers and to thievers
Squeeze them ’til they speak to me
Oh no said Mary in her kissing
This I fashioned just for thee

My growing love named Mary Cancer
Came and took another bit
Those were my highest, purest notes
Please take the ones right next to it
Oh no said Mary like a dancer
Plucking all my favorite tones
The first I take are those most precious
Ones that live inside your bones

My hungry love named Mary Cancer
Came and looked at every poem
Take as many as you fancy
There’re more that call my heart a home
She dug into my deepest thoughts
And chewed away for many weeks
She left me with a vacant feeling
Mind and heart were full of squeaks

My selfish love named Mary Cancer
Came and found me almost gone
No more singing, no more poeming
She had chewed away each bone
Mary Cancer left no answer
There were things to her unknown
She saw nothing but a cavern
All of me shone in my soul
She saw nothing but a cavern
All of me shone in my soul


(Many ┬ápeople who have ‘conquered’ cancer
continue to feel the threat of recurrence
lurking in future shadows. )

emerge from the clear glass
slowly, slowly there is no time limit
gaze at the pure, ruby ripeness
look at the richness of this liquid poem
hear the savory song you couldn't sing
smell the deep, delicious aroma
you can't smell a poem? Blake is laughing
you can't taste a song? Caruso chuckles
              enough rhapsody
                         swirl and drink
oh my god,      my angel     my heavens
             i    was   born for   this!
sip that first glass slowly
it's the beginning of a virgin taste
      halfway through the second glass
slice some thick, dark pumpernickel
no butter please     just bread and wine
             a tall blonde naked angel
           is wrapping me in her arms
her wings are glowing
she's pouring another glass for me
      wine is her angel kiss
                  spiral of transcendence
               we sweep through an updraft
            one endless tunnel of light
       poems are dripping from my toes
songs are sticking in her wings
                     this is heaven
life  and      unlife           continue

(for daniel gabriel anthony pociernicki)

            i'm so sorry that the last
two brian cookies are
                  gone and i know that
you think i couldn't control
          myself and gobbled them down
without any thought of you
and that i'm a greedy
               little boy inside an old
man's body having no concept
                of self control but the
truth is that an enormous
        butter monster came and smelled
the delicious shortbread aroma and
                  sat on me and growled
and i was afraid that
                     it was going to eat
me but it smelled my
body and           probably decided that
       my butter quotient was too
low for it                      to bother
        if you don't believe this
story look                 around and see
that there are         buttery footprints
all over the floor and
              they're much bigger than my
feet. I'll run to the store
                and buy some Lorna Doones.
i know that they're
                     not nearly as good as
brian butter cookies but maybe
                  they'll calm you down and
 eventually you'll realize the truth
                 of the whole situation and
come and ask my forgiveness
                      once you are aware of
the truth of my story
        the actual clues glaring everywhere
how could you not believe such a   credible

(for Brian)
this is the transition room
there is no need   for fear
there is no inherent danger
              handy body hooks are
for every height

dangle your body
              soul will know
                    it will float gently
from your hara
which is now pseudo asleep
                      like a long wet pasta noodle

               soul will circle yourself
                    with super speed
everything which has happened will be noticed
                  and noted in your brain caverns
this is too much information for you to digest immediately
                       and so it will
                           seep slowly into your

when soul is satisfied
          it will repair bruises
                    your body will be dry cleaned
                                  and wet cleaned
          it will be shining

soul will whisk
inside your self
       your you
       your being
                  you will think of this
                  as your daydream
                     your nightdream
                                      is it all a dream