for several days there have been
many whispers,
whispers aren’t rare
but these are piling up,
more whispers than can ever
be counted.
there are long clouds
of smile whispers,
sometimes they dissolve
into t e a r s,
there are laughing whispers
that bump into each other
as if a joke has been told
and everything
is burst- ing.
there are compassionate
crying whispers
that won’t let go
they hang from trees
they sprout from the grass.

is passing,
it’s happening slowly
like a sad, sad rainfall,
everytime he looks
toward a crowd and throws
a k i s s
there is a loud, banging silence.
he is dressed in one of his best
it has the soft, silken sheen
of expensive.
he doesn’t want to leave
but he knows it is time
his thin, thin
supple, graceful body
is getting thinner
i t’s becoming angel
i t’s becoming cloud
but we can still see him
i t’s becoming star glitter
we always knew he was magic
all of his jokes are popping
out of his soul
the universe is filled with munch smiles
munch laughs munch love
for several days all that can be heard
is the melting of evil
the truth of ‘i told you’
i left but i didn’t soon you’ll understand

( for Richard Belzer/munch)