at about 11:30 p m
i stood near the living room window
it’s a tall window, at least eight feet
i stood there and waited
i wasn’t sure why i was waiting
later i looked at the clock
it was 4:30 a m— my legs were tired
i was waiting for a swishing sound
a sound made with a little water
a sound made with a gentle wind
at 6:15 a m, i went to bed

at exactly 1:30 a m the next day
i stood near the dining room window
within fifteen minutes i could hear
a gentle sound, an unmistakable sound
as i looked out the window
it was filled with large, square snowflakes
large, square snowflakes everywhere
wet, large snowflakes all over bergen street
probably all over brooklyn
if i could stretch my brain enoough
i could imagine
the universe
dancing snowflakes.
at three a m, the snow was still falling
more and more and more
i put on my heavy overcoat, my gloves,
my galoshes and a winter smile

i walked into alex’s room
i shook him gently, “it’s snowing
the street is full of snow,
let’s go sledding”
those words,”let’s go sledding”
were magic
i helped alex into his warm clothes
the sled was hanging in the kitchen
we pulled it down from its hook
it was waiting for the snow
we left our apartment quietly
and walked into a winterland
we smiled at each other
we couldn’t stop smiling
the snow was perfect
sticky enough
wet enough
packed down enough

there were people everywhere
it was very quiet
nobody wanted to wake the sleepers
mothers and fathers
pulled their children on sleds
everytime we passed someone
we smiled and giggled
it was a winter miracle
we slid into solitude
it was like sledding in church
singing snow hymns
murmuring snowflake prayers
after a few hours we all went home
for a little more sleep.
later that day when
we passed each other
we didn’t speak
inside ourselves we were saying,
“don’t tell anybody
it’s our secret”

[ for alex }