we were a challenge for him
98% vegan
he always looked at us
with a large question mark
what should I feed them?
how can one live without meat?

he always hinted about his latest love
he hadn’t told her yet
but soon she would see how ardent
his eyes were
in her presence

on days when the restaurant wasn’t busy
he would create vegetarian
dishes for us
he would present each dish
with a flourishing smile
it was always like a beautiful painting
and then he would stand there
and watch us eat
watch us
chew each mouthful
this special meal was eaten in silence
and then the questions
would softly flow
how was the balance
did it need more salt
could they taste the
secret ingredient

there was great joy in this ritual
we covered him with admiration.
he was gone so quickly
so many recipes he never created
a magnificent talent
with a life so short—-