we passed each other several times
                            on   cortland       avenue,
          the first time we barely looked,
          the second time i tipped my hat
          like a farmer from the open market,
          the third time we stopped and smiled.
          "do you live around here?"
          "right around the corner
                       on      bocana street."
          the next time she stopped
              and            smiled,
          she     offered    her  hand,
                "my name is           amy"
          "you look as though you work out."
          she attempted to touch     my   arm
                             i        stepped         back
          "careful"       those are insured!"
          " i can't tell if you're joking"
          " that's a good sign"
                                      "next time you treat"
            i couldn't tell if i wanted to know her.
                  the next time, i took another way,
                                         i wasn't ready.
            i saw her heading toward me
                                   it was the sixth time
                she ran until she was beside me
           "did i say something wrong?"
           "not at all, but it takes me
                   a long time to trust      people"
           "wow!                      that's       strict!"
            i laughed but she wasn't convinced

           "let's try something."            "o k a y "
                     "you turn away from me"
           "i'll turn away from you"
           "then we count to 100 and turn around"
           "that will help me feel safe"
           as she turned around i could see
                 she thought    i       was a whacko
           it took a few minutes to walk
                                and count to 100
           when i turned around, 
                       there were no people
                                         not even one
                     it was very,very quiet
                   no sound, it felt like midnight
            i waited for amy to return----she didn't
            i looked for a sign   of    even     one      person