i have been given a book which is very precious
the person who wrote it is
unaffected and real
my wife bought a copy of it for me
because she knew it would speak to me
how wise my wife is.
the photographs are of beautiful flowers
that the Dogen might have seen
in the thirteenth century.
the prose is written by the photographer
and the language is straightforward
and clear.
there are: hydrangeas
japanese black pine
magnolias, lotus, white peas, maples, chrysanthemums, hawthorns
and on and on and on.
you can disappear into each photo
and resurrect as a new flower.
there is an endless array of nature’s splendor.

the book is called ‘clean slate’
marcia lieberman
images from Dogen’s Garden
once you dive in you will always return, renewed.
one could spend their life in this book


Dear Henry,
There are so many beautiful realizations in life.
One that I cherish is that I haven’t sat in your presence for so
many years and yet if we were to meet today it would be as
if we had never parted. My love has been spread before you
so many times and you are always sarcastic and truthful in my
eyes. I have a friend,Marcia, who wrote a book on S.F. Opera,
one on Wales and now this buddhist book. I prize it so highly
and often read from it before i meditate. I have been saving
my last copy for someone and now i realize it is for you. You
don’t have to love or cherish it. Just receive it. I have spoken
in one of her lectures and realize that she is a magnificent
being. Accept the gift and say nothing.
I remember how you used to make pasta(simple)in a frying
pan with garlic and onions and how we would devour it in the
middle of the night. I often think of Bobbi and her laugh
and her joy in being. Give her a long, strong hug from me.
My wish would be to sit for days with both of you but that
is in the wings of Buddha and Jesus and many others. Just
writing to you makes my brain weave through many path-
ways. It is an electric connection.
my love and gratitude to both of you