it seems so long since he’s been gone
but he’s not forgotten.
they could see him very clearly;
his spirit entered each person
with a loving touch.
his father made a superb cake;
he did this every year.
the cake was placed in the middle of the table,
everyone was lighting the candles.
they all cried and couldn’t speak,
their faces were bowed to hide their tears.

one of the granddaughters shouted,
stop! stop! stop!
this isn’t a life celebration, it’s a funeral.
he would have wanted some jumping
dancing and shouting and singing.
their mother, sitting across the table,
cupped her hands
into the beautiful chocolate
she did a swift windup like a professional pitcher
and zoomed it into her husband’s face.
they all stood up and laughed
and threw more cake.
everybody had cake and icing in their eyes
in their ears
on their noses.
they ate cake from each other’s face,
the radio blared through the sweetness.

the granddaughters took their grandfather’s hands
and formed a circle,
the grieving old man was surrounded
by the whole family.
he was in the middle
he couldn’t stop laughing.
they didn’t know that this was what they needed,
dancing continued until they lost their breath
from happiness from sorrow
hoping for what wasn’t possible.
they sat down at the table
passed out plates and forks
ate the remains of the cake in silence.

a soft voice began singing
‘amazing grace how sweet the taste
of chocolate cake in your face
our hearts are sad but we can smile
sweet Jason send us grace
sweet Jason send us grace’

(for Jason and all those who love him)