joseph asked to lie down
with the tall black king,
what did mary say about that?
she said it didn’t matter;
nothing was happening in their place.
all mary wants is a clean, comfortable
mattress, she’s having lower back problems.
you know the short king who is always
bowing and kneeling? yes–
he wants to sleep with that big bull
with the enormous horns.
he wanted to tell me all about it,
i cut him off.
what about jesus?
he just wants to have fun
doesn’t want to sleep throughout
the whole year, wants to laugh.
you said there was a serious
complaint, i would say so.
that two year old sheep standing
out in the field, wants to complain.
oh, about what?
she says she was left behind
for the entire holiday season,
nothing to eat but cardboard
and old pieces of fake snow,
she says she nearly died of
hunger and thirst.
she wants to complain.
what did you say?
i said she could complain to
jesus, joseph, mary or judas,
she never heard of judas,
i told her about the thirty
pieces of silver case;
she’s thinking about it;
she might be trouble.
you’d think that just one year
we could close the carton
without any complaints.