a great performing artist died
and i never heard of him
Mohammad Reza was a beloved singer
adored and revered by iran and many other countries
and i never heard of him
his voice must have sounded magnificent
in the acoustics of the huge iranian halls
i never heard him in person
his voice is seamless there is an expression
unlike any in the western world
his technique supports every color of his beliefs
i listen to his recordings, begin to cry
because of the overwhelming beauty
because i was never able to smile into his face
the three instrumentalists who extend his phrasing
drop poetic exultations and embellish all that he does
they are four exotic spirits exploding into glory

our countries are too busy counting bombs
calculating who will die first in a holocaust
acquiring money, counting it, stacking it in vaults
flexing their muscles inside strangling wars
Mohammad and the ensemble continue on with tenderness
whispering into the ears of struggling power
hoping that they will stop and listen
wishing for them to untangle their anger
drink the magic of sipping wine and starting
a slow chain dance, arm in arm