one of these days,
                           hopefully   soon
                       we must sit, just we two
                 slowly consume a bottle of vodka
                          laugh and cry
                                    laugh and sing
                                               laugh and shout
smile to everyone                            who tells us to shut up
                       invite them to dance with us
               light 83 candles      dance some more
        light 47 candles
take our shoes off, remove our socks, pull up our pant legs
roll a wooden barrel out to the grass, fill it with chopped cabbage
        another double vodka                                        add some salt
                                                                                                caraway       seeds
slice some thick, dark, rye bread, spread on the butter
                lie down on the grass, savor the bread
                finish off the bottle
                wander into a sauerkraut dream
                the smell will be so pungent 


                       this is all you get
                       but i need to smell some more
smell a certain way
what way?
smelly, but beautiful smelly
an earthy, dirty fragrance                                        what's in the barrel
caraway seeds, cabbage, sweet onions, slivers of carrot
what are you making?
stand quietly and you'll smell self, smell others.
i won't be caught in this trick, your stupid sauerkraut joke
this is all you get
i've already had a week, stay with me and help me,
help me discover, when cabbage becomes sauerkraut
let's have some more vodka.

( for alex )