the tears flow constantly
                 they will not stop
                       the tears fall endlessly
                              there is no respite
the source of the tears is hidden
                                silence is lost in the cries

all those bodies
nothing can bring balance
                                  tragic insanity cannot be explained
                                  everywhere we are reminded of our failure
at the end of this long century
                                                                    perhaps some hope

there is no right; we must begin our search
digging through the ashes of decades
                               tears have almost stopped
                                                       more bodies fall and snap
                              tears overflow
                                                        into another waiting crevice

the president mimes horror
he raises his golf club and swings
                                                 tries to pretend extreme sorrow
an entire city turns its back
on counterfeit mourning
                         the president is absent from his body

as jobless crowds of people
                              scramble  for food
                              search for meager amounts of money
the secretary of state
                              stages lavish dinners for
                                          fat diplomats and fat wives
bodies continue to fall and rot
bodies are piled in block-long trucks
as mothers moan for daughters` deaths
as fathers see their wives and children falter
the virus is merciless
                     the virus has no boundaries

promises for food
                                 promises for money
children fall asleep
                                 in the arms of hunger
the old and feeble wait
                                 for the hand of help

in the distance congressmen
                             congratulate themselves for praise
senators advertise their glory
                              bills are proposed and forgotten
the virus plows fields of death
                              the virus clothes itself in mystery
all the pledges that are sung each year
             fall upon faces of disbelief
                              all the promises that stare into emptiness
                              drop and crumble into nothing
                              suffering is ignored                                            
                              death is for the poor

the heroes are the doctors, the nurses
                                  who stare into the face of death
the assistants who sweat into the arms of danger
who forget sleep and continue to move
                                the courageous workmen are pushing carts
             everyone            cleans everything all day

this is the century for never ending litanies
constant tears                           save our souls
endless crying                           save our souls
all these bodies                         god have mercy
                             the edge of insanity                  mary help
                             for all our failures                     jesus help us
                             an ounce of hope                       bless us buddha
the absent president,     give him understanding,     food for the poor,
lead us lord     for all politicians,     show them light     jobs for the 
jobless     understanding for the white house,     open their hearts
for all the fallen bodies,     lead them lord     for the troops of healing,
endless mercy     for the old and helpless,     lead them lord     for
the                          smash the virus     strength oh jesus
                                dissolve the virus   strength oh buddha
                                 drown the virus     strength oh god
                                 burn the virus         squash them mary
may the virus leave     may the virus explode     may the virus disappear
death to the virus     death to the virus     death to the virus   death to the