washington is in midnight
lights fade and click in succession
it is the motion of long dark hallways
the sweeping dance on a runway
it is the disappearance of shadows
a lone spotlight on Abraham Lincoln dims
no more fading , no more motion
no more dancing no more shadows
Lincoln relaxes into
dark remembrance
you can find midnight in washington
the motors are barely whirring
computers tap in contrary rhythms
everything sputters
everything shuts down
everyone stops speaking
everyword is forgotten
no breath
no wheezing
no crying
actual silence
overnight fires consume the earth
water and ice extinguish flames
earth is now a black and brown sphere
there is true silence
not a plant, not an insect, no animal, no human, no hint of humanity
there is no sound
not even the growth of one blade of grass
the earth is unearth
charred non remembrance
it will be a long wait
there is nothing to remember
washington isn`t in anywhere