I was listening to Tony Bennett's and suddenly I was dancing with my mother my mom and said you goti was listening to Tony Bennett
   and suddenly i was dancing with my mother,my mama,my kasha
she looked at me and said, "you've gotten older."
"it's been a long, long time. i'm eighty-two"
"noooooooo."she said with that deep, loud, sound
which brought me to life so long ago
   she was still
               slightly over five feet tall
                                        and her energy
was as bubbling and positive as ever
                              she was still like a little refrigerator

'your dancing has improved'
       a Jerome Kern album was playing 'Make Believe'
i started to hum and she harmonized in an almost lush alto sound
'happy mother's day mom'
'why did you decide to come back today?'
'i never left. i've been here all the time.'
'noooooooo,' i said imitating her.
'i could never let go.
and you and christie have fallen upon some hard times.'
'you can say that again. you know christie?'
'i picked her. she loves you so much.'
'is this a dream?'
             'everything's a dream.'
                            'let's dance some more.'

{for Kasha}