Jack of Christ you are the one.
It seems that we have free wills,
Our destiny is in our own hands,
We can help each other work through things.
and then you stage a debacle like last night
seven card stud with four players
You were so innocently coy
Mary and Joseph played along like good parents
knowing that you were slyly stacking cards
occasionally allowing one of us to win
Joseph of Gentleness you are another one
standing by your son so casually
proudly beaming at his beautiful sermons
his magic tricks with loaves and fish
                         yet when you gaze into his soul
you are touched by unfathomable love,
so bright, so hot, so healing, so thorough,
that you can levitate above the masses
and feel an unholy burst of energy
which protects everyone in the crowd
Mary conceived without sin
                  you are the halo which shines everywhere
burrowing into the depths of every heart
filling each prayer with motherglow
walking with smooth silent steps
                     i  nvisible but omnipresent
exuding silky radiance
                disappearing into the ether
floating in a seamless largo dance
Being here, being there,      a vaporous presence
and yet the holy trinity is diluted in the sunrise
almost non-existent in the noise of civilization
somewhere a sacred thought pushes through the garbage
begins to sprout with the pale green of life
the atmosphere is laden with smog, sin, greed and gold
stunted love lies underground waiting to be nourished
kindness gazes from faraway mountains
It is time to find your voices in Alleluia
It is time to sing and chant a Sanctus
It is time to remember our Resurrections