and each of us escapedinto  ourselves         opening the door so lightlythat not even a squeak was squeaking    closing the door in complete silence     so nobody heard the quiet turn           of the nonexistant keytiptoeing    through        the living room        through the dining roomsocks sliding up the secret stairs                 that no one knows  curling   up in  the    farthest     corner                of  the  unknownattic    covered with warm blankets                  and                fear                breathing steady, hopeful, safe breathswaiting patiently for as long as it takes            un-               til a               true sound begins in a distant                                         cavea whisper  which      holds only faith         as our hearthands                reach out from hiding holesuntil the orange is              gone until   the orange      has         until the    orange                      orange                     go  n   e                       g   o