begins its upward surge
                 toward winter freezing
people huddle together
              as the cold darkness
                           arrives earlier
shadows disappear almost as soon as they appear
                                     let us crouch by the fireplace
                                          searching for warmth
                                                    in the middle
                                                           past middle
we will find things of which to talk
                       we will find places
                                       best to touch
we will grow gazing from each other's eyes
                          as we slip slowly 'neath allourskin
                          as wind     howls on           snowcrust
we shall scream and scream
                        and scream 
snow thickens and you will know my lusty dream
                       i shall whisper it into each moment
                                                     of your mind 
i will hold each chamber of your heart
                            snow falls without a sound
silently i stroke the sinews of your soul
                                      we are safe in the arms of winter