how did she slip away so silently,
         her    bright,    clear,  dazzling
          fixed within the last, black wisps
         of          night?
           why would         she want to step so lightly,
                              her deep, azure look
floating upon early morning
                    sun streaks?
                    didn't she wait for
                    one more loving sigh
                         from each of us?
crying furiously
                in the face of separation,
                                      couldn't we leave together? 
exiting from an empty house
                 upon tender glances and stares?
                        in each room our hands reach out
                        to stroke your thick, silken hair
                   only to feel               your    absence
our long lovelitany mumbles beyondwords
              waits for the resurgence of your unique tender spirit


those are tears
   slowly moving down my cheeks
         falling upon
                  the beautiful carved box
                                       holding your ashes
                                     murmuring unrecognizable
         tapping upon the membrane of your soul
                 those are my tears
         grieving for the loss of your beauty
         pleading for one more time
                     to     run my fingers
                       through       your  exquisite coat
                       those are      our         tears
                              reaching    into the    shadows
                                hoping for    a    nudge  of permission
one more time for our eyes
         to  seek     each other

                 your silence has always
                 contained             so much magic
your               non    words are the absence
     of consonants  and   vowels
                          you are the proof of saying everything
                                                 with    nothing
            so many nights you held vigil
                                    within your beautiful eyes
                                   bringing me back to health
                                    with your powerful sky blue energy
you told me that you would wait for me and be my guide
                                 row my boat
                                          across the dreadful Styx
distract Charon with deafening mews and screeching 
you promised me that you
                     would guide me along the cliffs of Hades
until we reached the safe 
                       fields of evermore 
where i can sip vodka nectar
    you can dine on fish delicacies
                        where i can adore you endlessly
and you                         can teach me        silent
        i'm waiting here on the shore
        the breeze is growing cold
        sounds of monsters are
        i'm waiting for you
                i know you will return


looking for you inside the shadows
                           searching in dark corners
thinking that there is movement
trying to materialize you
                   as i sit at the dining room table
expecting your erect body and unmoving focus
                   to pierce through my sadness.
                           yet there is only stillness
            until i hear a soft whisper from your spirit voice:
"love has no color, no shape, no race, no religion; it belongs to 
every being; it belongs to no one. it can explode into a giant, as
it leaves the body of an ant. it can be invisible after filling the
sky with miracles. how can this be? it can and it can't.
           if you never take your soul from the flame"
                    love has no color
                    no shape, no race
                    no       religion
                it belongs to every being
                it can explode into a giant
              as it leaves the body of an ant
                    it can be invisible
                   after filling the sky
                   with          meteors
                      how can this be?
                    it can and it can't
      if you never take your soul from the center of the flame

[to Principessa Salome]