if you want to make
                an        apple       pie
   you don't pick any old apple
                     go to the farmers' market
                    choose three different apples
take them back to your car
sit quietly and slowly taste apple one
 is    i t the flavour of your pie dreams
                        savour apple two
 is    i t too tart
           too sweet
                    bite into apple number three
is it solid enough to become pie
                    is it the creation of all ages

if you want to have a friend
don't choose just anybody
smile during conversations
smell the value of words
                        choose three different people
cook a meal for number one
                notice the attention given to each bite
                    balance the sugar and salt level
beware of number two
quick and facile like a piece of
          overjammed, overbuttered toast
does number three stop eating from time to time
to chew your words
             to listen
                   really listen
is there truth in their energy
                   listen, look, lightly touch
serve each of them your apple pie
one of them might smile and say nothing
                  stomach to stomach
                     heart to heart
                     brain to brain
                     bite to bite
( for Mervyn )