he said,"dime store mussolini"
    and    my   old ears
                   heard "dinosaur mussolini"
am a dinosaur crashing through dime store democracies
              chewing commercials from tv screens
i could survive for centuries on crunchy cars
                                 dirty drugs which make me think
i'm   e    t    e    r    n    a    l
                               food that puffs me into
                                             unmanageable sizes
i chew the sorrows of the people
  crawling            the      earth
           searching      for         freedom

i am the friendly dimestore dinosaur
                   pseudosmiling at millions of tears   
                       eating    people      crying for peace
                                             crying for mercy
                                 people believe in my hypocrisies 
and now they fear me
    now i am the messiah
                 clearing vermin from the earth
                not listening to crowds of protests
                                     deafened by the sound of truth 
                                          not     hearing     truth
                                          not   believing     truth


mussolini's gun riddled body
in a service station near lake como
                                 for years vultures
                                  picked away at the decaying monster
                                               trying to find the prize
                                                              the heart
decades of feeders flew inside his transparent carcass
           found only a cavern
                             no heart
                                 for almost a century
                                 they ate through
                                 thousands of skin layers
no soul
   no soul
      no soul
      on    ly evil decay 
                   and an orange toupee swinging in the wind
                       an orange toupee

                                         swinging in the wind
                                        a warn    ing
                                           as   a        warning