smiled across the table
                     her face lit up instantly
    her white body
              became illuminated
"do you know how happy it makes me to see you here?"
  (nine rubrum lilies at the next table listened)
                           her words bounced onto a dish
ricocheted off the gnocchi
                        disappeared into his heart
   (three rubrum lilies were still budding)
their intense gleaming spirits
                             splashed into the garlic oil
    (three rubrum lilies were in full bloom) 
they became angels
                 sitting in an italian restaurant                      g)
                            on filmore street                        n
     (three rubrum lilies were fading)
dipping their spoons into vanilla and chocolate gelato            i
(nine rubrum lilies at the next table
                                 gazed at the gelato            l
                                                wafted        i
                                                   toward   e
                                                   the    c