the oregon coast is very wide.
                          if you look to the east
                             you can see the sand
                                        into the horizon, 
if you look to the west
   you can see the waves   splash into the distant sky                                       
 a beautiful woman came to the shore
                                   each day and searched
                                         the eastern sandway.
            searching as far as her eyes were able to see;
               hoping    for a figure to appear in the faraway.
 each day she searched
 the western seaspan;
                   hoping for a person in the pulsing tide.
every day her entire being reached out 
                                   until she was stretched
until she imagined becoming an egret
                               standing stately at sandend.
                         until she imagined entering a pelican
                     diving into the watersend.
alldays she washed sadness from her being;
forever she covered her soul with glowing joy
            knowing that somecentury his spirit would revitalize.
he would appear on the skyline,
                       squeeze between earth and sky,
   come running to her with smiling, flowing white hair
                 open arms
        diving into the vast portals of her waiting heart

[for Christie]