there is nothing left for us
                 we      must become wolves
                              gather all the
multi-million middle class people
become        middle class wolves
become                     poor
                                surround the banks
of every country
                      shape the sound of howling circles

                                                   halloween howls
which can melt computers                           ghost     howls
 destroying         money

there is nothing left for all of us
                 we             must become wolves
long-haired      red-eyed         sharp-toothed.
           nothing       but ghoul howls
           ragged careless bodies
           gigantic murderous howls
          filling the canyons of lower manhattan
          flooding the  golden bricks of wall street
           chewing stock exchanges
until evidence of before can only be found
            in our feces                                  

only wolves remain
              gathered on mountain tops
                                     peering from peak to peak
waiting to be attacked
                waiting to attack
                      circling mountain wind is the only music
    howls swirling in the universe
witchowls, krakenhowls, dotard dripping
                         moron moaning
howling the end of greed
            chewing the disappearance of power
                                     howling away excess
annihilating wealth
                  howling, howling, howling
sharpen your teeth
                strengthen your claws
                                continuous howling
 cyclops are coming
             gargoyles are gathering
                           minotaurs are massing
                                 ogres are orchestrating
howl sirens howl trolls howl howl howl
                   vampires are framing the earth in blood
drive the greedies into oblivion
                        howl until there is nothing but silence