such a joyful
       to  be awakened
                     by thin, radiant
                         sun       strips
as they illuminate       
                the still, silent water of
                                          Tomales Bay.
                                          to watch the light                   
                                                       widen and
                                                       creep slowly
                                                  upon the dry November grass
follow the first morning fawn
                          as it cavorts upon the hardening ground
                                           with   a sense of security
                                      not yet threatened by the day's dangers
the same fawn stands absolutely still
                           a tiny  tail
                                       as a companion comes from a far field
                                            to sit together
                                            doing nothing that is something
all this from the cottage window
                          where we give thanks
                                        for being alive 
                                                  for being with deer
                                                         for being hidden in