I am utterly terrified that something happened and we were born into life
     soft summer breezes alarm me; they are the embryo of the North wind
i am terrified because silence is disappearing
     the fact that civilization is only pomp is horrific
all the poems which have never been written terrify me
     i haven't the courage to be swallowed by ocean waves

i cannot understand the beauty of flowers 
i am terrified by the depth of love 
i am distressed by my will to live
everything is contained in music including terror

it is shocking to think that hell might be worse than the New York subway
joy is the breath of life;pain hides at its center
i am perplexed by Man's invention of God
                           i am terrified by breath continuity 
                      i am disturbed  by libraries    
                  we may be browsing in nonsense

i am terrified by the love which surrounds us
i am anguished because my father died without words
cities are terrifying when they exclude nature

my mother sucked senility before she slipped into death
       everything can be translated into music
        birdsong beauty is more natural than our voices

i am terrified because words don't mean anything and words are useless
i am disturbed by all the poems which  have been written
                     none of us and none of this matters 
i am worried that the beauty of children will die
i am terrified because people believe beauty 
an enormous scream is hidden deeply within ourselves 
i am terrified by God's invention of Man
it is distressing to feel the cosmos outside oneself
it is terrifying to live the universe inside oneself
that death may be a beginning is utterly intimidating
that death may be the end is utterly terrifying