Dorothy Death sent me
              a lovely note yesterday,
"I'm going to visit with you
                          on Halloween evening at 11:15 PM.
I will bring a charming trio (accordion, guitar and bass)
                                so that we can tango.
Don't tell me that you can't tango;
                              anyone can if they concentrate.
If you can tango longer than I can
   you'll buy some more living;
if not-------------------------"

Dorothy's cursive writing is quite singular;
it has some fancy curls and twists.
she must have been tutored by some nasty nuns
                      or some Jesus lovin' Jesuits.
i replied (in neat printing)
"Dear Dorothy,
     how nice of you to think of me
         no accordions please
i thought you knew me better
the definition of a gentleman is
someone who can play the accordion but doesn't
          i suggest violin, guitar and bass
DON'T forget the vodka
             the last time we danced
we downed a shot before stepping into each new number
wear those shiny, red shoes;they keep me awake
anyone interested in watching
                can come to the center of Holly Park
at the appointed hour.
                      Dorothy is quite stunning
i'm running inner tango tapes through my head constantly
rewinding and replaying the video of our magic dance
the end is purposely blurred
              to obscure the identity of the winner