if you want to heal
 from   inside
                   open an ironing board
                            run your hands
along the edges
as if this is
                your inner self

                when the light comes on
                you will hear a gurgle
                              a hiss

what shall you iron?          a simple linen dish towel
               is a good start
               as you hold the iron
               wait for the sputter to stop
there will be an even whoosh
like the mystery in Debussy
                       this is the signal to iron
                       the edges of the towel
open the weave             allow it to feel its borders
     this is like stroking the inside of your stomach
             like feeling your leg muscles relax and flex

when the rhythm of the simple linens
                            enters your core
                                   you are ready to understand
        and the beautiful imperfection of crocheting
as you move the iron along the filigree
                      your eyes know that
                                     the ornamentation
is different and similar
                         left side
                        right side
  people driving on the other side
                    the ironing board
                    the  magic   carpet
                                 caressing inner streams